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How to write a hit - practical tips

Written by Philipp Steigner

Singer-songwriter on the computer and produces a hit song

Again and again we hear cool songs on the radio that can simply carry us away with their lyrics and melody. Especially the musicians among us ask themselves at this point what makes such a hit song and how they themselves can make a hit song from their own ideas. For this reason, this article is dedicated to the question of how to write a new hit song in more detail, although there is of course no sure recipe for this. Here you will find important approaches and tips on how to get there.

Songwriting as a challenge for young artists

Behind many songs there is a long story and an even longer path to perfection. Only in very few cases do good hits write themselves automatically, even if for us as listeners usually only the result is visible. How many attempts the respective artist has needed and how many drafts are already piling up in the wastepaper basket, only the musician himself knows. What this is supposed to express: really good and moving music needs far more than one attempt.

Therefore, songwriting in many cases becomes a real test of patience for many musicians who would have preferred to release their first hit yesterday. Even after a song is released, however, success is anything but guaranteed. A lot of marketing effort is required before a creative draft becomes a true hit. Just because you already like your song doesn't mean potential fans and prospects will. One of the most important lessons in songwriting is to build on failures and get closer to the real hit.

The hardest section is always the beginning

Many musicians will already know that the beginning is not easy to realize. However, the beginning does not only stand for the start of your future hit, but also for your entire career. Before your music reaches many people, you must first become better known. With our articles on YouTube marketing for musicians and bands - here's how! or How to market your music on Instagram as well as for your success without a label, we have already summarized a few approaches for your songwriting.

But even with regard to your new song, the beginning is anything but easy. Even well-known and well-clicked hits often have the problem that the beginning is too long, too tedious, too even, or simply not special enough. This can lead to listeners skipping your song and not even getting to the chorus or the content of the verses. Therefore, make the introduction as unique as possible so that the rest of the song gets its chance.

6 practical tips for more success with your first song

If you want to know more about songwriting, here are six exciting tips. With these, you can give your upcoming hits the structure they need to appeal to as many audiences as possible while staying true to your personal style. At this point, the following aspects make up a good song that can stick in people's minds:

1) Bring your wishes to the point!

What do you want to express with your song? An individual and above all personal song manages to reveal your emotions and wishes. Therefore, don't talk around your actual feelings, but bring them to the point. This way you enable your listeners to empathize with you and put themselves in your shoes.

2) Look for elements that repeat well!

With linguistic impulses and clear statements, you can turn your song into a real hit. This effect is not only useful for beach hits at the Ballermann, but can also make songs in all genres and, for example, in English into an earworm. A clear chorus, a cool beat and an appealing theme will get you ahead.

3) Use simple and open language!

To be heard and understood by as many people as possible, simple terms and natural language are quite conducive. This has the advantage for you that you remain practically yourself in the song and at the same time make a natural impression. With activating and simple expressions, you can easily act as a role model for others in the song.

4) Let a catchy melody emerge!

Not only the language, but also the instrumental accompaniment makes a real hit. A look at the charts shows that classical instruments are increasingly being replaced by digital beats and mixes. The result is quite audible, especially with professional participation. We would be happy to help you find experts as part of our musician search.

5) Work with topics that interest everyone!

To create really exciting music and achieve initial success in songwriting, you should write exclusively about topics that interest you. Feelings and especially emotions make your songs catchy and personal without you having to bend artificially. If the music in the background also fits, you are a big step closer to your hit.

6) Create your very own music style!

To make your music as different as possible from the ideas of your competitors, you should not adapt foreign styles or adopt them in a different form. Only those artists who develop their own ideas and make independent music are really successful. With the necessary creativity and new approaches, you have the opportunity to work on a real hit yourself.

The combination of singing and instruments

However, the lyrics alone will get you an interesting and catchy hit in very few cases. The instrumental component can also make you a good contact. While the piano is almost universally suitable as accompaniment, atmospheric music can also be developed with the guitar or drums. Instruments are in many cases a good way to enhance the lyrics and make your new hit more catchy.

Should you like to start a band, this can also help you release good music. In a band you usually cover many exciting instruments, which can provide in connection for a great sound pattern. If, from your point of view, musicians are still wanted, you can always connect with new people through our portal. We are happy to support you in the formation of your band to write your own musical hits.

How is your songwriting success defined?

As mentioned earlier, the success around your songwriting is not always so clearly definable. However, the easiest way to define it is by the number of clicks and views you get on popular platforms like Spotify and YouTube. How much money can be earned with your hit, however, is always a question of marketing, your sponsors and the associated alignment. Should your music not be about money, you can also be content with other successes. Especially for beginners, every positive feedback for your own work is a good feeling.

So your music remains free, open-minded and independent

To constantly improve around songwriting, your personal style is probably the most important approach. Even if you learn more about the music, its origin and your passion with every song, the recognition value comes from lasting elements and positive impressions. Therefore, in your lyrics it should always be recognizable what you want to express with your songs. The better you hit the feelings of your listeners, the more likely your songs will become real hits.

By cooperating with other artists and musicians, you can also combine several styles and orientations if desired. Optimally, this will lead to new target groups becoming aware of you and you can expand your reach in this way. Should you later receive cooperation contracts from record studios, this should not lead to a change in your style. Good music lives from the fact that it shows you as a person with your real feelings.

Let us help you with your new hits!

Despite your individual strategies and the way you get active in songwriting, you can effectively get help from us. Right here on our Musicians Portal you can make contact with many other musicians to exchange ideas step by step about interesting topics in the musical field. We are happy to act as a mediator for you in your search for musicians and make sure that you get the help you need in songwriting. This way you won't have a hard time turning your songs into real hits that will resonate with your listeners.

Originally published on April 27, 2021, updated on April 27, 2021

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